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Trosset de Porrera

Cal Porrerà - Vi el Trosset

Trosset de Porrera, Priorat

Certified Denomination of Origen

Trosset means a little piece. This small piece of land has been cultivated by the family since time immemorial. The vineyard is just two and a half hectares and almost all of it is on a 60% incline. It lies right in the heart of the Priorat region from Coma d’En Romeu up to the municipal limits of Porrera itself.

Des de fa nou anys, els germans Eduardo i Diego Duran, vam decidir iniciar l’aventura d’elaborar vi amb les plantes centenàries que emergeixen d’aquesta terra dura i rocallosa, composta bàsicament de la pissarra característica del Priorat, la licorella.

Nine years ago, brothers Eduardo and Diego Duran began their wine-making adventure determined to grow wine from the centuries-old vines emerging from this hard, rocky soil composed mainly of Porrera’s characteristic slate, known as licorella.

In order to produce our own wine, and for the final coupage, we planted new varieties on our land: cabernet, garnache, syrah and merlot were added with more than 90 year old cariñena and garnache predominating. Due to the arid and harsh conditions of the land, production is very limited and the annual production per plant is no more than 400 grams at present.

We initially conceived of it as an everyday wine, to share with friends, a farm wine, environmentally friendly, both in its cultivation and production, and it has turned out to be more a philosophy than something commercial. It could be defined as a way of life as, without being officially organic, it is cultivated completely naturally using biodynamic techniques both in pest control and when optimising the final product. The climate and the size of the vineyard means we can really pamper our vines.

Porrera’s Trosset is made with the tenderness and careful selection process the much appreciated fruit of this area deserves. It consists of 35% garnache, 25% caiñena, 25% cabernet suavignon and 15% syrah and merlot after 18 months in French oak barrels it is bottled for consumption. Average production is 800 bottles stored for three years before marketing.

The success of this wine is due not only to our philosophy of cultivation and production but also to a large extent to the personality of Trosset as an expression of the land.

The complex character of Trosset is an invitation to sit around the table and slowly discover all the subtlety of the wine during its different phases, from the moment of opening to last drop, waiting for it to open and give up its full potential and range of notes and aromas.

We recommend slow drinking in order to appreciate its essence.

Interest aroused by Trosset has forced us to let it travel far away from its home. In the end, it has taken wings and flown away with this introductory note.

Olim, vi de Trosset de Porrera

You can read an article about Trosset at www.mivino.info

Olim, Priorat

Denominació d’Origen Qualificada

Since 2010 we have been making a second range from Finca de Molí. Olim is the younger brother of Trosset with 90% cariñena and 10% cabernet, it is very fresh tasting and, following in the footsteps of its older brother, gives great satisfaction.

Interest aroused by Trosset has forced us to let it travel far away from its home. In the end, it has taken wings and flown away with this introductory note.

Trosset and Olim are presently on sale in the Priorat, the US, Germany, the Basque Country and Switzerland.

The recommended price for sale to the public: 30 € and 16 € respectively.

Contact: eduransanchez@gmail.com Tel. 650 968 910